Pilot an adorable, customizable biplane! Explore the world! Deliver mail from the skies!


  • Left and right arrow keys to turn.
  • Up and down arrow keys to pitch.
    • Can be inverted in pause menu.
  • Tap Z/C to turn/off engine.
    • Can be changed to hold in pause menu.
  • X to drop mail.
  • Enter to open map.
    • Hold X and Enter with map open for pause menu.
  • Tab to take a picture!
    • Flash can be toggled off in pause menu.


  • Try to drop mail close to houses for more cash!
  • Watch out for storm clouds and don't fall too fast!
  • You can enter brown roofed hanger by driving into it! Refuel and repair at hangers as well as buy new customization options!


Code and Art: Munro Hoberman (Twitter)

Music: John McKinnon (Youtube)

Made for #procjam. 

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Release date Dec 12, 2020
Made withPICO-8
TagsExploration, Flight, flight-sim, Flying, PICO-8, Pixel Art, plane, Procedural Generation, PROCJAM, Relaxing
Average sessionA few minutes


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Aeronaut.bin 31 MB
Aeronaut.p8 82 kB

Development log


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Loved it!

I really enjoyed this game! Wonderful and yet extremely simple. I want to keep playing all day. Although, when I ran out of fuel, I could not respawn. I don't know if that is how it is supposed to be, but other than that, It is good!

Wow, this is really REALLY fun. It's simple and charming, and I ended up getting sucked in really fast. The map system is clever and keeps me wanting to explore all the areas and find out all their names.

I would love to see a version of this that's a bit more expanded on. Like with a slightly larger resolution, maybe a bit of acceleration on the turning, maybe a bit of a bonus reward if you manage to land a letter right on from the highest drop?

Really nicely polished!

Extremely pleasant experience, got all the expensive upgrades -- spent more time on it than expected :)

Very nice work, reminds me of my own game Whirlibird (which is itself modelled after the much older game Cyclone). Good stuff!

Thanks! Yep, lot of people mentioned Cyclone during dev. Yours looks cool too!

Great Game! but also out of curiosity is there a difference between Biplane and Monoplane aside from aesthetics?

thanks! just aesthetics.

love it! the style of the game remains me of old games like megaman network, its very chilled, the music is nice and the control feels good, all it properly needs is more content, like multiplier, see who can deliver the most mail, or more different weather like a sunny weather drain your fuel faster or stormy weather that can change the movement or windy weather pushes your mail. good job :D

glad you enjoyed it!

i love it. it's so entertaining!


Excellent! I like the speed control based on altitude (took me a while to find out - got a perfect landing afteward :D)

Bad news though: game crashed after a couple of plays:

I'll take a look thanks for the log.


This is soo cool! Unfortunately I ran out of memory after a few minutes :P

Also, can I suggest that you tick the box saying 'mobile friendly'? It seems to work really well on mobile! 

I also ran out of memory. Happened while flying south.

I enjoyed the game though!

Thanks! Uploaded a fix for memory leak, hope that helps!



Very cute aesthetic - you've really got a hang of the pico8!