It's the future near you, and there's a hunger for art made by humans! To meet the growing demand the process has been streamlined using the latest AI assisted art factories! No more need for the human hand!

The artists (you!) make the factory that makes the art! You won't have to worry about the materials or even what the end result is! That's been calculated. Fill the quota to fulfill your dreams!

New User Manual:

  • Arrow keys to move around the factory.
  • Z or C to build.
  • X allows you to rotate and switch the modes of machines.
  • Enter opens a build menu. Left and right to navigate menu. Z to close menu.
  • To enable mouse controls:
    • Hit enter on main menu or during tutorial messages and navigate down to "Toggle Mouse".


"Pastoral" music
by @gruber_music / @krajzeg

Code+Art: Munro


  • 0.0.4
    • Fixed bug with items keeping their velocity even after being stuck.
    • Made mute music work.
  • 0.0.3
    • Changed red colors of machines to be easier to tell from deleting mode.
    • Added mouse support.
    • Swapped out sound track for something more relaxing.
    • Reduced level 3 difficulty spike.
  • 0.0.2
    • Fixed level 3 bug.
  • 0.0.1
    • Initial release.

Made in a month for zachlike jam.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, factory, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, zachlike


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The game is fine, but still buggy

  1. The stacker is very buggy when you put machines too close (only 1 grid between the output of factory and input of stacker)
  2. Sometimes there are arts from other colors even though there isn’t any errors at all

This Game is very buggy. I mean items coming from conveyorbelts not even connected to their respective spawner :(

i really don't like only keyboard control


This was a cute little game! Unfortunately, very, very buggy. Art randomly corrupts. Upon beating the "thanks for playing" level, the game crashes. Sometimes, art will simply decide to not be on the conveyors anymore, and fly randomly across the screen.

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Very cool! I got an error while playing:



I liked the game though I kept messing the controls a lot.

I got bit confused by two things

  • While the robot is talking at the start of level you can't try the controls
  • I have managed to hit Tab and while those belt group hints were nice for a while they obstructed the art too much. I have eventually noticed Tab is mentioned in Pico controls on the side and managed to turn it off. Can you add Tab to the list of controls in New User Manual?

One more thing ad New User Manual (which I have read only after finishing game): while it suggests to close Build menu via Z, I have just used Enter again ... thanks for offering multiple options. 

Text issues noticed:

  • level 1: "that's" -> "that means"?
  • level 1: "demmand" -> "demand"
  • level 1: "art is output" -> "art is outputted"
  • level 2: "your" -> "you're" / "you are"
  • level 3: "lets" -> "let's" / "let us"
  • level 4: no text shown in the start

This is great! Do you have a BBS link?


really love this game! thank you for making it.

unfortunately i got this bug?

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This was a fun game i wish there were more levels that keep on getting more complicated and larger with new pieces. I have a question will this game become a full steam game in the future like celeste?


Thanks! Once all the bugs have been smushed I'd love to add more levels! Steam isn't in the cards at the moment.

I strongly recommend you take it to full size, same way as Tower of Archeos did. 

Why do the pieces keep teleporting when they go through machines?

ah sorry have been trying to squash that bug. I'll take a look. it has to do with how the sprites are kept in memory.

Nice game!

Z is a bad key for german users, as on german keyboards it's switched with the Y key.

Thanks! C key is alternative and there's a mouse mode if that helps.

Runtime error line 368 :(

thanks for the debug log. I'll add a sanity check so that error will at least not crash the game.

Great game! Very engaging, fun, and after a bit, easy to understand! The only problem is the numerous bugs where some pieces fly off screen or switch with other pieces.

thanks! yes those sorts of bugs kept popping up during dev. I'll try to address them in future version.

ah found why a new bug why that was happening more and fixed.

I love this game, just the kind of game that gets me addicted. It's not hard per se, but the mechanics would be so much better with a mouse instead of keyboard, so it's somewhat clunky. Still love the concept.

thanks. totally agree about mouse, actually used it for debugging but didn't get to fully supporting it. will upload a update for that today.

Hey this game is really cool and factorio like! I played it last nite I must say though that I am just bad and got stuck rather quickly, I will ty it again later but find my video review below:

03:10 Artorio

thanks for playing! the balance of the levels needs more playtesting and reordering so don't feel bad about it!