Post Opening Changelog

Bugs Fixed:

  • Jotuns no longer get stuck in trees like scared cats
  • You can't stack 5 footmen on top of each other, no matter how match they look like Russian nesting dolls
  • Unit tool-tip rearranged so that health-bars aren't made of money
  • More $ symbols replaced to conform with the new ᚠ based economy
  • Build menu enlarged so you don't have to squint at tiny text
  • You can no longer build farms on-top of farms in the vain hope of getting a super farm
  • Farms give you money per turn, instead of being glitched and only anyone else who captures them. Capitalism!

Balance Changes:

  • Prices of farms changed from 10 to 3.  Now you might turn a profit before everyone is long gone
  • Victory condition changed from capture all owned territory to destroy all opponent units. Hopefully games dragging on is one similarity to Risk now removed.
  • All unit costs cut in half. This might either make the game more fun or lead to unit spam or both.
  • Jotun movement increased to 2 so the game doesn't start as slow and they can move and attack on the same turn.


  • New 2 and 3 player maps, as well as the ability to select them from the menu
  • Mouse support re-implemented, allowing for a mac build.
  • Better menu navigation and credit(s)!


OURO Windows 23 MB
Dec 09, 2018
OURO Mac 27 MB
Dec 08, 2018


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