Manage your very own tiny shop! Meet new people and sell them stuff! Move around furniture! Listen to the best shop music! And pay off your giant loan!


  • Arrow keys to move and interact with objects.
  • Z or C to cycle through what your carrying.
  • Hold X and a Direction to grab/place furniture or decline customers.
  • Press Enter for pause menu.
    • Continue will resume the game.
    • Restart Day will reset everything that has happened since after the ledger, taking you back to the stock screen.
    • Start New Game will reset ALL your progress and start you from day 1.
    • Reset Cart will reload the game (same as Restart Day).


  • There is no limit to the number of items you can carry! Get stacking!
  • Any items you are carry at the end of the day can be sold back on the stock screen.
  • The more of the three table types (Sell, Buy, Request) you have, the greater the chance a customer will pick that type over others.
  • The more furniture you have, the greater maximum number of customers will visit.
  • You can move furniture even while open!

Latest Changes

  • 0.1.10
    • New buy menu song by John!
  • 0.1.9
    • Created a save system.
    • Added a menuitem to save game.
    • Added a menuitem to restart the day.
    • Added the option to restart the day from the lose screen.
    • Fixed loan payments going into the negative.
    • *Note* there is a 12 item save limit for the player.


Code and Art: Munro Hoberman (Twitter)

Music: John McKinnon (Youtube)

Thanks to testers: @onygox

Made in two weeks for #LOWREZJAM2020. Theme is Life as an NPC.

Pico-8 BBS Page

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
AuthorsMunro, jmmusic
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, Economy, LOWREZJAM, Management, Medieval, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes


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P8 file possible?

hey im here to tell the bug and the bug was i think the game was hacked so the reason was that when i didnt come in time and customer just go and put it but he teleported and have the same apple and my day wasnt responding

someone explain this bug

uh i move the sell counter before the shop closed because i thought it would stop people from trying to sell me stuff and now this dude wont leave


I fell in love with this game 


welcome to the pants store

how do you expand it like that?

uhhhhhh i don't remember. i think you can buy more counters/displays in the shop where you buy items?


I left the store and could've come back

This game is really fun but I wish loans went away when you completed it...

(2 edits) (+1)

very fun and cool game!


damn this game was fun. not gonna lie, towards the end it became more of me just trying to find the maximum number of sell blocks i could fit in the shop. i couldn't get past 24 for ages but i finally managed to get 26 spaces in! it was truly a moment of victory.

and after my arduous quest i finally retired and became a baker :)

oh i just found a glitch i thought i should let you know about: when customers are passing through the door your character can run though it as well and get lost outside!


Big W

time to quit

(*Secret True Ending Unlocked*)

(1 edit) (+1)

Very cool game ! I ended up having an adventurer shop, selling only weapons and equipements lol. Kept playing until -667 loans remaining ;) Very good game!

Also I think it would be nice to have a day counter !

hi thanks for the bug report. i just released a version that should address the negative loan issue. there is a day counter at the top of the ledger screen. also thanks for the store pic! love seeing the different configurations!

an update of my shop layout :


This game is so much fun for such a simple concept! I finally won by picking up the table for buying from customers when I was low on money - so that more would come in to buy items from me. I played long past reaching the goal, only stopped when the game crashed :)

(2 edits) (+1)

hi thanks for the bug report. the  version I just posted should remove that issue. thanks for playing!

Its simple but fun. Would love to see more added to the game.


thanks! hope to do a post jam update later on.

(1 edit)

i managed to crash the game by grabing money then quickly put it on a table then when a customer comes and grabs the money the game crashes

thanks. will fix for next version.


This game is great! Not perfect, sure, but great! The biggest issue I had with it is that when customers overlap, I can't see all the speech bubbles and if they all came one after the other, they all go away before I can see what they want. I'd like to suggest a queue system for that, but for the rest it's really fun.

Yep, it bugs me too. There was queue system early in dev, but had to cut it after adding furniture moving. Generating a dynamic line would be gnarly to code. Other idea was the player creates the queue after placing the table... but that'd be more complexity. stop-gap measure: add extra patience to the customer depending on the line length so they'll not all leave at once if they get there at the same time. thanks for the feedback.

This game is really fun, good work! It's kinda hard but that's okay. I don't know if this is intentional but if begin moving after picking up a money bag you don't collect it, as long as you keep moving. If your holding a bag when the day ends, you lose the money permanently. It's nothing important as, why would anyone end the day holding a money bag? But, it's just something I noticed. great game, and keep up the good work!

Also, By using only request tables, I reached $1000! I am still playing Thanks for a great game! (when the customers place their money on the request table, the others waiting to use it go home for some reason. just wanted to point it out)

hmm I'll look into both of those issues. thank you for the bug report. what aspect was creating difficulty?

As for the money bags, it wan't a problem, just kinda annoying if you are rushing from table to to table i guess. The request table problem was an issue though. My guess is that since the bag of money was placed on the table, there is no way to pick it up for the rest of the queue immediately went home since the table is "being used".

(1 edit)

This game was fun! It's a bit challenging too! It took me a try to understand what to do, so at first I lost. But eventually I was able to win. :) I don't know if this is a common mistake, but I put the buying, selling, and request tables near the door, this was however a bad idea as I couldn't see what people wanted to request or see the price of what they were selling me. So I think a reset day button would've come in handy there. Because I learned the hard way that reset cart restarts the whole game. Oh, also I wish that the placing tables was easier, but that's a very minor complaint, for the most part it was fine. It worked well, but was a bit annoying(although this could be user-error so take this lightly). Overall, I liked this game! Good job(also thanks for making it web compatible, it's the only way I have to play games!).

Thank you for the feedback! What part was challenging in your first game (loan payments, customers, one of the table types, etc)?. You can move around placed furniture if a configuration isn't working (even while open!). Sorry about the reset cart, that's a default game engine thing. I'm hoping to add a save system for a post jam release down the line. The furniture system still needs ux work to be more user friendly to be sure. Was placing or picking up more difficult?

Placing was difficult, picking up was fairly simple. The problems I experienced in my first play through were mainly due to that mistake I made of table placement. I put them too close to the top of the store so that I could only see part of the bubbles over the customers heads. I also didn't know I could move things(like tables) around during the day! If I'd know that it would've made this problem less of a big deal. Thank you for responding! I hope to play this again! :) Or play your future works!

thanks for the response!

No problem! I appreciate you listening! I will continue to play the game because honestly, it's addicting lol.

almost won with only buy/sell tables, but this came up on the last day. c'est la vie

hmm not exactly sure how that might have occurred but I added a safety check to make sure it doesn't crash if that occurs. thanks for the bug report and sorry for the missed win!

I won :D

Fantastic game, I love it. Got really fun after putting seller table and rearrange the tables.

Is there any feature to sell tables ? I bought another buyer table then a request table showed up. I wish I can replace my second buyer table with the request table.

Good job!

thanks! yes, if you pick up the table before the end of the day, it will show up on the stocking screen where you can resell it full price (works for all items). duplicate tables increase the chance for a customer to choose that action over others and the number of customers who visit.

either i suck at marketing or the game is hard. great game thou

balance is certainly something i'll be looking at for a post jam update. thank you for the feedback!

took a few tries to find the right rhythm. even selling at 125% value, the daily loan payment will make it impossible to finish without buying items off customers for reduced price. overall, fantastic little shop keeper game - made me wanna replay recettear

thanks, good to hear!