Collection of daily tweetcarts crammed into a single cart! Posted on twitter.


  • Up and down to navigate menu
  • X to run selected tweetcart
  • To show the menu do any of the following:
    • Press Tab key.
    • Enter and select Reset Cart to return to the menu.
    • Ctrl-R for quick reset.

Tweetcarts controls:

  • Go:
    • Arrow keys to move cursor.
    • Z/C to place a stone.
    • X to remove a stone.
  • Sniper:
    • Z/C to shoot.
  • Worms:
    • Left and Right Arrow keys to maneuver the worm

What is a Tweetcart?

Tweetcarts are Pico-8 programs written in 280 chars or less (the size of a tweet!).

For example, Eclipse is just this code snippet:

circfill(63,63,10,0)pal({129,1,130,2,136,8},1)::_::circ(63,63,10,7)x,y=rnd(128),rnd(128)a=atan2(x-63,y-63)c=pget(x,y)if c!=0then
c=rnd()>.9and c-1or c
goto _

Since each one is so small (even by Pico-8 standards) it's possible to fit them all in a single cart!

Special Thanks

  • Michał Rostocki for their amazing tweets and a bevy of techniques.
  • Marta Fijak for their lovely tweetcart tutorial series and tweetcarts.

BBS Version


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Wow some of these blow my mind.

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This was really cool



Beautiful stuff