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Nice. I didn’t enter the Jam this time, but I had fun playing through this to the end. Cute sprites, nice music, good level design.


It's fun, what can I say

thanks! glad you enjoyed it!


Absolutely amazing! Carrying skeletons using a flying saucer is just, the coolest thing I've done in a video game in a while

flying saucers carrying skeletons is what video games are for!

Very cool game and concept. It must have taken you hours to design the whole map!

thanks! pico8 has a great map editor and lucky enough to have a member focused on level design!

Appreciate the comment! It did take a long time to build the map, but it was very fun to do so :)

Really neat!

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Nice work to wrap quickly for a jam… carrying skeletons is a nice trick.. hard to combine some of those carrying actions.

thank you!

Nice, it was fun to play. Too bad the ufo couldn't escaped with the artifact though lol