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My game has two protagonists so I will give them both ratings. I am not a 100% on how to implement all this into game play. I considered talking  on either side that chatter to each other based on player interactions but that's a real stretch goal. What will be implement certainly is enemy behavior and general player overpower. 

Alien Armada;

Competence: 2Likability: 7Commitment: 10

Since the aliens are by shump logic going to die in droves, I want to integrate into the narrative their desperation to stop the player from bombing their home being juxtapose with their utter incompetence at using smart tactics. I am thinking if I were to have dialogue, they the would be the funny man to the Human fighter's straight act, coming up with increasingly ludicrous amounts of troops to throw at while following a alien logic of what's possible. Individual alien types would reflect this general makeup, from grunt rookies who are overly excited for their first day in combat to heavily armored blocking types that actually don't even realize the player's there. The aliens would start off overly confident, thinking their invasion's failure was a fluke and that the player's ship can't really be that strong. Over the course of the game they would get more desperate and thus more cunning in their attacks as well as being closer to their home-world's resources explaining why they get stronger.

Human Fighter;

Competence: 10Likability: 3Commitment: 5

The human if they were to have a voice would kind of represent the lone wolf personality. Overly powerful and has a just following order attitude to their mission to annihilate the alien culture. I want to match the player's ability to mass murder with the removed calculated nature of their character's avatar. Most of their chatter would be reserved and direct, compared to the alien babbling. If they were to have an arc it would be them slowly realizing what their mission truly entails while starting to emphasize more with the aliens than the distant Earth as the begin to regret how far command expects them to go.

Feature list for Monday:


WASD, Arrow Keys, or Analog StickButton 1Button 2
AlienChoosing between menus, selecting spawn-pointsCommitBack out

  1. Enemy armada able to launch from different spawn points.
  2. Subtract from alien score based on cost of enemy.
  3. Decide on which formations to give the alien.
    1. Regular- The base to compare all other types, classic space invader movement
    2. Blocker- High health, slow, worth a bit, 2 line formation
    3. Killer- Flanking, lots of firepower, spread out formation
    4. Scorer- fast, weak, line formation, maybe one of them has a power-up that scores for a lot of points but will help player if found.
  4. Balance player power ups.
  5. Explain controls for both players.
  6. Balance bullet speed for enemies and player.
  7. Time how long to get to enemy home world vs likelihood of player losing.


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Jan 30, 2018

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